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Sex Sex Seeeeeeeeeeeeeex Sex Sex

Dear Diary,

Why is sex the default position? Wow…that actually sounded kinda wrong.

Earlier today, I was talking to someone in the house and she mentioned that a person (another woman) she just met wants to take her out dancing. The housemate I was talking to has battled with MS her whole life and I’ve watched unable to just stand still, let alone have the ability to dance. However, I hate telling people what they can and can’t do when it’s an illness that brings them down. So, even though my first thought was “But you can’t dance.” I didn’t say so, and said instead “I’m not going to say what my first thought was.”

Her response? “She [the new person] isn’t gay.”

Twitch. Twitch twitch…

WHY is the first response out of everyone’s mouth have to be something sex-related? Gay, straight, interested, not interested. Why does it always go back to that? Growing up, even amongst hundreds or thousands of hormonally charged teenagers, I don’t remember the first response always being about sex. I remember lewd comments, I remember innuendos, but I don’t remember holding back a comment and everyone jumping to the sexual orientation or how badly the person wants to jump my bones (or vice versa). Even people who I knew at one time to be violently asexual go there.

When did this change? When did this become normal? I know I’m pretty oblivious at times, but I didn’t think I wasthat oblivious.

To make it worse, the assumption just riles me up. But, I’m not sure if it riles me up because I’m alone, or if it actually is something that gets under my skin. It’s not like I didn’t know the world revolves around sex somehow, and I know that “sex sells.” It just now seems to be a gross over-saturation of it in the human mind and instead of it staying there and coming out when appropriate, it just spills out of the human mouth as if no one has any sense of responsibility to what they say.



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